Xenom Fable


Imagine a mobile platform uniquely tailored to fulfil your needs in high-end multimedia activity. Imagine a line of art product dedicated specially for gamers, graphic designers, multimedia user, and or workstations professionals out there. Well, imagine no more.


XENOM®, a mobile platform equipped by high-level standard specification that can be customized based on demand, is the answer to your imagination. Combining sophistication in technology and up-to-date hardware feature, XENOM® always provides its user with their best creation.


Representing the realm of God, XENOM® allows its user to choose weapon based on its requirements. From Demi-God to the beast that becomes the Guardian of Volcano, from Ice Goddess to the Spirit of the Ocean, each of XENOM® products are built specifically to equip and accompany its user to complete their different quest.


Which is why we believe XENOM® is built only for the Chosen One.

Are you the Chosen One?



XENOM® is a realm where five ancient Gods gathered to create ultimate weapons for its Chosen One. Each of the weapons itself have distinctive abilities using different runes to equip its Chosen One throughout their journey. Using different elements from the Kingdom of the Sky, the heart of the Volcano up to the Frost of the Ice, XENOM® products are dedicated to provide ultimate gaming experience for the Chosen One. Once the Chosen One found their XENOM® weapon, they will have all the advantage to complete their quest and adventure on Earth.

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