Frequently Asked Questions


1. What benefits do I get if I buy Xenom with original operating system?

- You will get extra X-Calibrate for screen calibration and audio optimization. Don’t forget to ask about X-Celeration and X-Raid features to optimize your Xenom


2. Would the Xenom warranty void if it is upgraded during warranty period?

- No, if Xenom is upgraded at Xenom Authorized Service Center, please contact our call center for more info


3. What Xenom parts can be customized?

- You can customize all Processor, VGA, HDD, RAM, mSATA on your Hercules. You also can customize HDD, RAM and mSATA on your Phoenix, Shiva, Siren, and Pegasus.


4. What if there is no Xenom Authorized Service Center in the town?

- You can always send your laptop to Xenom Drop Point or the nearest Xenom Authorized Service Center.


5. Does Xenom install counterfeit software applications?

- Please always ask for original software application. 


6. How is the quality of Xenom Screen?

- Xenom product uses FullHD TruDisplay IPS Panel which ensures you to experience incredible color accuracy in different angles


7. Why I find several prices in Xenom Dealers and what are the differences if I want to buy at Xenom Dealers? 

- Please pay attention to the latest version of Xenom. They might offer different version of Xenom. If you want to custom your specification from scratch, please feel free to chat with our representatif on xenom website.


8. Do I really need 4K QHD display on laptop?

- It depends on your needs. If you would love to watch movies, it may help you to increase the experience. However, if you use the machine for gaming,

100% sure, you need to down grade the resolution to FullHD anyway for several AAA games. Full HD screen is the best option for laptop currently.


9. Why does Xenom give DOS on operating system?

- All product are include Windows 10 as bundle. If you would like to custom and remove the operating system, please contact our representatif for direct assistance on Xenom Website


More Info: Please contact us at Website Live chat or YM Chat